Thomas Boyd was an obnoxious youth with violent tendencies who had a natural gift for extrasensory perception, until the White Event transformed his powers, making him into an energy vampire. He was one of the paranormal youths discovered by renegade CIA agent Emmett Proudhawk but before Proudhawk could locate Boyd, his partner Derek Shiningstar found him first and faked his death, hiding Boyd in a secret location and recruiting him to his own service. Shiningstar used Boyd to hunt down the by-then deceased Proudhawk's proteges, the Psi-Force, but Boyd eventually realized that he was meant to be one of the group, and joined them as Michael Crawley's replacement. He had trouble fitting into the group due to his violent and unstable nature, but eventually began a romantic relationship with teammate Anastasia Inyushin (only for her to later be killed). Boyd was captured by the authorities and drafted into the US Army, but was rescued by his teammates and remained with Psi-Force when they became operatives of the covert group known as the Medusa Web, following a period of incarceration at the Russian facility called the Siberian Project. He was severely injured and apparently lost an eye during the termination of the insane former Russian agent Rodstvow, but remained active afterward and appeared to be moving into a leadership role within the group, also acting as protector of the autistic Russian paranormal Johnny Do. [citation needed]


Boyd is a paranormal with a form of psychic vampirism. His touch can weaken others while at the same time augment his own strength.


Boyd is skilled in using a garrote in combination with his power. He is an experienced spy and combatant from his time in the US Army and the CIA.


Survival gear.


Garrote; guns and knives.

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