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Tom originally worked for the Westchester County Police Department before being caught up in a battle between the New Mutants and the Demon Bear. He and Sharon Friedlander were magically transformed from being physically caucasian to Native American.[2] Unable to explain their new bodies, Tom and Sharon resided at the Xavier Institute and joined the school staff.[3]

After the Mansion was destroyed during "Inferno", Tom and Sharon relocated to Muir Island. They participated in the defense of the Research Center from an assault by the Reavers.[4]

Much later, Tom and Sharon went undercover at a private school to supervise a latent mutant. When the Acolytes attacked the school in search of the youth, Tom used a shotgun to kill Eric Kleinstock. Tom held the Acolyte attack off long enough for the X-Men to arrive, though Sharon perished.[5]

Tom joined the staff of the Massachusetts Academy when the school opened to human students. He acted as a gym teacher and began more intensive training of Generation X.[6] When the school closed, Corsi transferred back to the Xavier Institute. He continued to teach physical education at the Institute.[citation needed]

After M-Day, Corsi was let go and his current whereabouts are unknown.


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Tom is a human, transformed by the Demon Bear to resemble a Cheyenne. Tom has increased strength due to his transformation by the Demon Bear, though it is not classified as super strength. Tom also possesses increased speed and reflexes.

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