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For a yet unrevealed reason, a scientist named Gregory Knox cloned the famed inventor Thomas Edison. Unfortunately, Edison's DNA sample was contaminated by Knox's pet cockatiel during the synthesis.[1]

Generation Why

Edison set up shop in a decommissioned factory just outside of Bayonne in New Jersey's Hudson County,[2] started using the nom de guerre The Inventor, and began experimenting in alternative power sources and bioengineering.[3] With help from Knox, the Inventor also began recruiting disenchanted youths to voluntarily be part of his experiment in using the human body as a living battery.[4]

Ms. Marvel first learned about the Inventor's scheme while attempting to free Vick Carrelli.[5] This altercation ignited a feud between the Inventor and Ms. Marvel.[2]

Inventor later perished in battle against Ms. Marvel.[6]

Powers and Abilities


Inventor has genius-level intellect.


Inventor's eyes and beak have come in handy in different situations.

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