Glorian is a very powerful and respected inter-dimensional craftsman. He and Hulk seem to have a standing friendship.

After falling from the sky in a ball of fire and crashing, the Hulk awoke with amnesia, only being certain of one thing, the impending end of the world. As the other Avengers attempted to retrace his steps, they passed through a inter-dimensional rainbow gateway to Glorian's realm, where they found out that the two meet with some frequency and that Glorian is responsible for creating Hulk's collection of miniature animals.

Finding that Hulk's last visit was interrupted by Thor, Hulk attempts to recall where the Thunder God ended up, only to end up vomiting due to a stomach ache. The Avengers are promptly assaulted by a rapidly growing parasite Hulk threw up. After a great deal of damage, Hulk apologised to Glorian for the mess, only for Glorian to pass it off, stating it was an honour to have his home smashed by someone of Hulk's ability.[1]


Greatest Builder: Glorian described himself as the greatest builder in contrast to the Hulk as the greatest smasher. Whether this is a super power or just skillful ability is unclear with this version of Glorian.


Miniature Animals: While not a piece of equipment, Glorian is responsible for having created the numerous miniature animals that the Hulk collects. Each on is a small, transparent and apparently delicate creation, seemingly made of either glass or crystal, but quite possibly of some other unknown material.

  • Despite being a renowned builder, Glorian seemingly delights in seeing things destroyed, happily listening to Hulk's stories of smashing, and even clapping when the Avenger smashed a monster on his doorstep.

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