A member of the second iteration of the Elite, a secret society of the rich, powerful, and privileged – most descended from British loyalists during American Revolution – organized by William Taurey. During Gloucester’s time with the group, they formed the latest version of the Secret Empire, which was funded by Baron Helmut Zemo and formed the Royalist Forces of America.

Thomas Gloucester was effectively a modern day nobleman who believed that the wealthy were pure blooded and should rule the world. He joined the Secret Empire as a means of pushing these beliefs, and helped form Brute Force, an organization of super-powered individuals who believed in their cause. However, he was not totally exempt from the classist beliefs of the Elite, and was on at least one occasion admonished by Taurey not to question his superiors when Gloucester tried to advise him on possible interference by super-heroes.

Gloucester and the Elite had built a wide network of underground communities of American citizens who had been effectively conned into joining a feudalistic society, as well as making plans to devastate the United States’ major cities with sonic weapons called “shriequencers”. However, their operations were uncovered by the Thunderbolts as well as Citizen V of the V-Battalion, who summoned the Jury to attack the Elite’s main base, Cornwallis, while Taurey, Gloucester, and the other major leaders were distracted by a gladiatorial tournament. Although the Secret Empire was dealt a damaging blow and their shriequencer project was sabotaged, it is unknown whether or not Gloucester was among those captured is unknown, and he has not been seen since then.

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