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Tom Lennox was recruited into the S.T.R.I.K.E Psi Division. There Tom met and became the lover of Betsy Braddock. When the crime lord Vixen secretly took over S.T.R.I.K.E., she sent her assassin Slaymaster after the psi division in order to silence them because they were the only ones to realize what was happening. Several of the remaining members went on the run, which included Tom and Betsy and their friends, Alison Double, Vicki Reppion, and Avril Davis.

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As Betsy was searching for her brother, Brian, Slaymaster found the remaining members of the group at a bookstore called "Forbidden Planet," where he killed Vicki and Avril before Captain Britain was able to arrive and defeat him. The psi-division's survivors Tom, Betsy, and Alison, then moved into Braddock Manor for a time in order to hide and for Alison to recuperate.

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While staying at Braddock Manor, the house was invaded by the Special Executive who were sent to collect Captain Britain as a defense witness in the trial of Saturnyne. While there, the manor was also attacked by the Fury and a full battle ensued involving Captain UK.

When the Prime Minister James Jaspers was putting paranormal humans into internment camps, the psi's were forced to go into hiding. Alison developed a fever and had to be cared for by her friends, but Jaspers' agents, the Beetles, eventually found them in their secret London hideout. Tom sent the others ahead without him as he faced the soldiers alone, who then murdered him as he was in telepathic contact with Betsy.

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Years later, Tom, along with fellow Psi Division members Vicki, Alison and Kevin, were brought back to life on Krakoa by The Five on Pete Wisdom's orders to reform S.T.R.I.K.E. and rescue Excalibur who were trapped in Otherworld.[1]

Powers and Abilities


  • Telepathy: Tom is a telepath of mutant origin. He appeared to have been on a similar level to Betsy Braddock during their relationship.
  • Telekinesis: Tom also has the power of telekinesis, however, this power requires him to concentrate in order to use it.


He required intense concentration to use his telekinetic powers which leaves him vulnerable to attack.

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