Quote1 I didn't pull all this off just so you could go and get your soul torn to shreds. Quote2
-- Thomas Logan src

Thomas Logan lived in Alberta, Canada around 1882. Thomas was the groundskeeper for the Howlett Estate, but was also an alcoholic and short-tempered. Thomas was the father of "Dog" Logan and had an affair with his employer's wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Howlett. Thomas was an abusive, alcoholic father, who beat his son and introduced the boy to alcohol, warping Dog's mind. Thomas had a violent temper, a mean disposition, and flew into uncontrollable rages.[2]

After Dog made unwanted advances towards Rose O'Hara, a red-headed Irish girl who was brought in from town to be a companion to young James Howlett (Elizabeth's second son and the result of her and Thomas' affair), James reported to his father, John Howlett Sr. In retaliation, Dog killed James' puppy, in turn leading to the expulsion of Dog and Thomas, for failing to control his son, from the estate. Afterward, Thomas, in a drunken stupor and armed with a shotgun, invaded the Howlett Estate and attempted to take Elizabeth (his former lover) with him. John, Sr. attempted to stop him and Thomas struck him in the head, killing his former employer. At that moment, James attacked the intruders with uncharacteristic ferocity, killing Thomas when the youth drove his newly manifested bone claws into his chest and scarring Dog's face with three claw marks.[3]

Over 100 years later, James, now calling himself Wolverine and after becoming a hero as an X-Man and Avenger, was sent to Hell. While in Hell, Wolverine met with Thomas, who confirmed that he was his biological father.[4]


Alcoholism: Thomas Logan is an alcoholic, he drank during his work day and well into the evenings. He took out his anger on his son Dog, who he continually beat when in his inebriated state. It was the drink which led to his ultimate demise as he confronted John Howlett about his affair with Elizabeth. It was during this confrontation that he was accidentally killed by his biological son James and his emerging claws.

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