Little is known about the pre-war identity of the man called Tommy Lightning. He had the ability to draw in and project electricity. He used this ability in his first appearance to draw electrical energy out of fallen live wires following a Nazi blitz of Britain.

Following 'Alfie's exposure as a Nazi double-agent, Tommy Lightning discarded his now useless electrical apparatus and retired. It is unknown what became of him after the war.


Tommy possessed the ability to absorb electricity and cast powerful lightning bolts


Tommy used electrical appartus supplied to him by Alfie in order which granted him his superhuman abilities.

Real name revealed in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z Hardcover Vol. 3.

The Crusaders were created as counterparts to the Freedom Fighters, Golden Age characters originally owned by Quality Comics, and later, at the time in question, by DC Comics, with each member an analogue for one of the Freedom Fighters. In Tommy Lightning's case, he was an homage to the Ray.

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