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Quote1.png Helping people isn't usually my thing. But as Arachno-Man says: "If you're given a lot of power, you'd better use it responsibly!" Quote2.png
Thomas Mchover[src]


Thomas Mchover portrayed the character of Arachno-Man in the reboot saga of the trilogy of Arachno-Man movies.



While on set of the most recent Arachno-Man movie, Mchover was transported to Klyntar. While initially scared to death, he grew courageous after briefly bonding to the Carnage Symbiote and saving the life of Scarlet Spider. He subsequently proclaimed himself a superhero and joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and their Spider-Men, much to the other spiders dismay. He was briefly transferred to the Spider-Force on Klyntar before their disbanding.

The Tournament

Thomas took part in a contest where the winner would gain powers similar to those of Spider-Man. During the competition, he defeated a zombie version of Venom, the Spider-Slayer, and Venom Angelo Fortunato. He was then met by Ezekiel Sim, the host of the tournament. He took Thomas under his wing to help him undertake the same ritual that gave him power.[1]



Formerly those of the Carnage Symbiote




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