Zealot is a mutant from the island nation of Genosha. He is the son of David Moreau, the Genegineer who genetically engineered Genosha's mutant population, transforming them into a slave caste in the process.

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Zealot vs. Magneto.

Zealot became an enemy of Magneto when the latter was given control of the war-torn, emancipated Genosha by the United Nations. Zealot led a force of mutant rebels who violently opposed Magneto's rule, and fought Magneto, Rogue and Quicksilver. In the end, Zealot was killed by Magneto, who encased him in silicate matter and hurled him into space.[1]


Terrakinesis: A terraformer, Zealot could psychokinetically manipulate the earth's soil, rocks and minerals for various purposes. He could create large hills, rock walls or other constructs, like sinkholes, pits, rockslides and (in moistened soil) mudslides. His terraforming ability also allowed him to augment his own strength by tapping into the very soil of Genosha itself.

Strength level

Variable but potentially superhuman.

  • Zealot's powers are somewhat similar to those of the Greek mythological figure of Antaeus.

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