Thomas Sorenson was a university student before being used by Genetech for their research in creating superhuman beings. Given the name and powers of Mathemanic, he participated as a member of Psionex during its early activities, such as battling with the young heroes of the New Warriors. Mathemaniac stayed with the team when they escaped Genetech, but ditched his team to join the battle when Furmintz became Terrax, fighting alongside the New Warriors.

Dark Reign

He later joined back the Psionex, who was made as part of the Initiative as the Maryland team,[1] and participated to the H.A.M.M.E.R. assault on Asgard.[2]


Mathemanic has a rather laid-back and clinical attitude about everything and everyone. He is not a very good physical hand to hand fighter. He is fascinated and awed by abstract mathematical facts and theories. He has few compunctions about using his powers on other people in an experimental fashion.


  • Arithmetic Telepathy: Mathemanic is a genius mathematician who now has psionic powers. Although even Genetech could not chart the full extent of his abilities[3], Mathemanic could affect physical and mental realities by altering numerical values. Among the effects he demonstrated were:
    • Spacing out (overwhelming the conscious mind by experiencing astronomical distances)[4]
    • Levitation[5][6]
    • Applied physical force or pressure[5]
    • Hyper-gravity[5][6]
    • Paralysis (manipulating neural responses and reaction time to slow reflexes to a crawl)[7]
    • Accelerated aging[6]
    • Perceptual illusions (city-wide delusion that no time had passed since a boy's death)[8]


Mathemanic is a genius-level mathematician. Poor hand to hand fighter.

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