Tom Thumb's history is presumably similar to his Earth-712 counterpart's. He helped the government create the brainwashing program used to control the supervillains on the team the Squadron Savage.[1]

Following a civil war between Hyperion and Nighthawk that split the ranks of the Squadron Supreme, Tom joined Nighthawk's new group the Secret Squadron in Europe. However, Baron Zemo considered the Secret Squadron an affront to his own goals of Hydra bringing law and order to Europe. So, he founded the Siege Society, a team of criminals of mercenaries assembled to dismantle the Secret Squadron.

After the Siege Society teleported into the Secret Squadron's hidden base, Tom was stunned by Soviet Agent's shield. When Tom came to, he was forced fight off Fire-Ant's ants. When the ants weren't enough to stop Tom, Fire-Ant had Hawkeye knock Tom out with one of his arrows. Tom was unconscious for the rest of the situation and was the only survivor of the Siege Society's attack on the base. He later attended the funeral of his fallen Secret Squadron teammates with Nighthawk and Blur.[2]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Thomas Thompson of Earth-712.

  • Size-Shifting: Tom Thumb can grow and shrink in size.

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