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Thomas Wilson was Deadpool's father. Under the influence of the Butler, Deadpool murdered him and his mother in their house in Canada via arson, without knowing they were his parents due to the mind-wipe drugs Butler constantly administered to him.[1]


  • Deadpool's origin has been frequently rewritten, resulting in changes to the history of his parents:
    • Originally Deadpool did not know his father and was raised by an abusive alcoholic mother. Deadpool only met him when he apologized to him in a bar after an argument over nuts. This ended a curse Loki had put on Deadpool making him look like actor Thom Cruz. The terms of the curse were that Deadpool would look like Thom Cruz until such a time as he apologized to his father.[2]
    • In another story Wade's mother died of cancer when he was young and his father was the abusive parent but he was killed when Wade was a teenager. Wade's father was in the army and was hard on him. Wade began hanging around a bunch of thugs and Mr. Wilson tried to drag Wade out of a bar. A fight ensued between Mr. Wilson and one of Wade's friends. Wade's friend hit Mr. Wilson over the head with a bottle, grabbed his service gun and murdered Mr. Wilson.[3]
      Thomas Wilson (Earth-616) from Cable & Deadpool Vol 1 19 001
      Wade's father being a military officer is also referenced in Daniel Way's Deadpool series.[4]
    • Another version of Deadpool's origin has his father abandoning him when he was a child, with Wade tracking him down years later to talk.[5]
    • During Original Sin, it was revealed that Deadpool was manipulated by Butler into killing his parents, which he did via arson.[1]

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