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Thomasville was a town in Texas used by Project Green Spring as the testing ground for gamma grafts, which they presented as a brain/body supplement called Fortify that was marketed with a fearmongering populist campaign. Dionne Fortean joined Green Spring and was stationed in Thomasville, believing her father General Reginald Fortean to be behind it, when in reality his body was being possessed by Emil Blonsky, the Abomination. Dionne escaped after discovering the project's experimentation with the townspeople.

Afterward, a teleportation malfunction caused Dionne and part of Gamma Flight to be teleported to Thomasville, albeit stuck in an Astral Plane-like state of existence. They encountered the citizens of the town manifested as zombie-like gamma creatures, and later stumbled into the lingering spirit of General Fortean before being teleported away to Gamma Flight's base by Charlene McGowan.[1] The team returned to Thomasville to raid Green Spring's base of operations and hijack their Cathexis Ray Generator, using it to revert the effects of Fortify on the townspeople.[2] They were successful, and the tapeworm-like grafts were vomited out of the townsfolk's bodies. After driving away Abomination, Gamma Flight decided to stay in Thomasville to help its inhabitants with the side effects of their exposure to gamma.[3]

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