Father Thommanom was a Buddhist priest who renounced his faith after witnessing wartime atrocities when the United States bombed his homeland of Cambodia. Instead, he secretly turned to Hindu gods that he interpreted to be warrior kings, gods of blood, fire, and power. In moments of rage, he found the only calming influence to be a picture of Angkor, the ancient temple of Cambodian kings that would "rise from the blood-soaked earth of Angkor…to bring Cambodia's rage to the world…to spin fortune's wheel…to butcher the butchers!". Emigrating to America, Thommanom found work at a Buddhist temple in Los Angeles.[1]

Father Phimeanakas worked at the same temple, and was sought by the hero Wonder Man and his girlfriend Alex who were searching for information about the local gangs. Wonder Man at the time had recently returned from the front lines of the alien Kree-Shi'ar war, where he absorbed the energies of the Nega-bomb and experienced strange fluctuations of power. Unknowingly and inadvertently, his visit caused Thommanom to gain ionic powers himself.[1]

Lotus, the local gang leader, sent agents to follow up on Wonder Man's activities, and they encountered the now-powerful Thommanom, calling himself Angkor, who killed the gang members.[2]

Angkor began a rampage of destruction, and was confronted by Wonder Man. When Wonder Man realized who he was fighting, he was defeated in his guilt. Angkor continued his rampage until confronted again by Wonder Man. As the two battled, Angkor absorbed increasingly more of Wonder Man's ionic power, until he exploded.[3]


Father Thommanom was charged with ionic energy by proximity to the hero Wonder Man. As a result, he could transform into the powerful being he called Angkor. Angkor was super-humanly strong and resistant to most forms of injury. He seemed able to absorb additional ionic energy in order to increase his power.

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