Thongor was a barbarian warrior of Lemuria, living almost half a million years ago, when Lemuria was the only continent inhabited by modern man, while the rest of the world apparently lived in the Pleistocene period.[8]

Black Hawk Tribe

Thongor was the son of the kingly Thumithar and of an (unnamed) mother, and was part of the Black Hawk Tribe.




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Thongor often invoked the name of Father Gorm/Gorm the Father of Stars,[7][3][9][6] but also the Seven Gods of Zangabal[9][6] and the Nineteen Gods on occasion.[9][6]


Sarkozan, the sword of his fathers.[9]

Thongor is inspired and similar in many ways to Conan the Barbarian:

  • Both have their origin battle set at fifteen years old.[7]
  • They are both barbarian who have practiced many occupations, including thief and pirate.[7]
  • They both distrust wizards and priests.[7]
  • Thongor frequently invoked the name of a deity, Gorm, which is close to Conan's patron deity Crom. Thongor even once invoke Crom in Creatures on the Loose #26, presumably an error from the authors.

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