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Appearing in "Genetic Disposition"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Special Agent Lieber (First appearance)



Synopsis for "Genetic Disposition"

Thor faces off against a Loki-augmented Sandu.

Solicit Synopsis

He’s battled frost giants and mythic beasts in Asgard…but how will Thor react to a mutant on Earth? And can Thor defeat the mutant Sandu who possesses power great enough to make even a Thunder God kneel? Meanwhile, what part does the vengeance of Loki continue to play in discovering the truth behind Thor's banishment from Asgard? Plus, is the relationship of Don Blake and Jane Foster doomed before it can even begin? The saga of the Odinson continues, as his very presence forces the world to acknowledge that ancient myths now walk the Earth!


  • There are no credits anywhere in the issue, so it is presumed to be the same creative staff from the prior issue.

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