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Quote1.png By the power vested in me by the throne of Asgard, I, Thor, God of Thunder... condemn thee to die. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Accursed - Part Four of Five: I, Thor... Condemn Thee to Die"

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Synopsis for "The Accursed - Part Four of Five: I, Thor... Condemn Thee to Die"

Having gone to the Frost Giants for help, Malekith is currently out of reach of the League of Realms despite being only a few feet away. Enraged, the others have to hold Thor back and get through to him that they cannot risk war with Jotunheim at the moment. After digging a grave for Oggy, Thor leaves the others behind him and rides to Vanaheim. There he finds the Vanir dead, slain fighting amongst themselves. Thor realizes that there must be a traitor in their midst and believing it to be Ud, kills him. This drives the others from him except for Lady Waziria. The two of them head to Midgard, where Thor heads to a butcher shop, where the Council of the Unhallowed, the Dark Elf ruling council, are currently in hiding. Thor tries to get through to them that they must unite together, or else Malekith will slaughter them all. But they are so deep into inter-tribal feuding that they will not listen to them. Thor then accuses Waziria of being a traitor when Malekith has followed them to the butcher shop. Enraged, she blasts Thor with a mystical bolt, resulting in a strange creature wrenching itself from inside of Thor, revealing the true way that Malekith has been ahead of the League all along. The traitor was inside Thor.

Solicit Synopsis

• The penultimate chapter of THE ACCURSED!

• Death comes to in the mountains of Jotunheim…

• ...and there is a traitor among Thor’s newly formed League of Realms!

• As Thor prepares to execute one of his own comrades, Malekith stages his final bloody raid... on Earth.

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