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Appearing in "Days of Wine and Dragons"

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Synopsis for "Days of Wine and Dragons"

Thor awakens inside the mouth of a dragon in a small village in the Faroe Islands. The she-vikings there tell him that he has answered their prayers by killing the dragon that has been burning their village and eating their dogs. The dragon awakens, and Thor starts to remember the night before, and that the dragon is not the culprit. Slowly overcoming the haze of a hangover, Thor tells them that it was Trolls that were killing their dogs, and that he and Skabgagg the dragon killed them all. Going back to Asgard, Thor collapses in his bed while Skabgagg is chastised by his father for hanging out with humans instead of eating them. Skabgagg heads back to the village and gets drunk and decides he wants to dance with one of the women, but inadvertently kills her. The women pray to Thor and he returns to confront Skabgagg with what he's done. Thor ultimately kills the dragon, but doesn't feel like celebrating and heads home.

Solicit Synopsis

• A tale of Young Thor, in the age of the Vikings. Here be a dragon. ‘Nuff said.

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