Quote1.png Strength and virtue must be opposed--must be challenged and tested--or they will not grow. Rain must fall or there are no rainbows. Night must come, or we do not come to love the light of day. that is the way of things. And the hero who triumphs over the greatest adversity--it is he that is mightiest of all... Quote2.png
-- Odin

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Synopsis for "The Promise That was Kept"

The elder tells his third tale of the Godstorm to Wilf and Uller by reading from the Talestone. An oil rig off the coast of Norway frees the Godstorm from its watery prison. Jake Olson realizes this is the reason he was drawn to Norway and transforms into Thor, who flies to the ruined oil rig and faces the Godstorm. The storm attacks Thor's hammer, sending him plummeting to the ocean floor. Thor tries to attack the Godstorm with the rocks from underneath the sea, but the storm easily stops it.

Brom and Bettina meet their father, Viktor, on the docks near the oil rig. Despite his father's protests, Brom takes Viktor's boat to start a sea rescue. Brom watches the Godstorm try to drown Thor as he rescues his crew. Loki also watches the battle and, wishing to strike the final blow against Thor, uses ancient enchantments to steal the Godstorm's powers.

Viktor's boat reaches land carrying some of the oil rig crew, but Brom stays on the platform to save the rest of the crew. The Godstorm realizes that Loki has tricked him, and sends all the storms of Cragmouth to attack him. Viktor fishes his son out of the water. Thor offers his half-brother to the storms to be judged for his crimes. Still recovering from his time at sea, Brom examines some old bottled ships that his father made. Viktor tells his son that he did not want to become a fisherman at first, but the work grew on him. Bettina interrupts them by announcing the arrival of Thor, who returns the stone chip heirloom Brom had lost during his struggle at sea.

The elder ends his tale, and the two boys leave to prove their worth on the practice grounds. The elder transforms into Odin and climbs the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard.

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