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Quote1.png Some say the Norsemen had a sorcerer among their number...Others, that they'd sailed their longship to the underworld, and bargained with the Kings of Darkness. Whichever it was, what happened next will be recalled until the day of Ragnarok. Quote2.png

Appearing in "2: Kingdom of Iron"

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Synopsis for "2: Kingdom of Iron"

As Thor confronts Harald Jaekelsson in the streets, Jaekelsson taunts the God of Thunder, and goads him into attacking with Mjolnir. But Thor's attacks prove useless, as Jaekelsson is seemingly invulnerable. The force with which Thor strikes Jaekelsson body is so strong that it breaks both of Thor's wrists, but makes no impact at all on Jaekelsson. Seeing that Thor is of no threat, Jaekelsson sends his crew into the city, where the Vikings begin to pillage, rape and slaughter.

The Vikings show no mercy to the citizens of Manhattan, slaughtering men, women and children alike, leaving hundreds dead and the city in rubble. Thor struggles to bring down Jaekelsson, but each attack proves unsuccessful, and only leads to further injury to Thor.

As Thor and Jaekelsson continue their fight, the NYPD and the United States Army are dispatched in force to deal with the Vikings, with the Army taking to the air in combat helicopters. As they track the Vikings towards Canal Street, the police vehicles are stopped in their tracks by a mound made up of hundreds of severed heads, stack nearly 2 stories high.

Back at the seaport, Thor, exhausted and badly injured, has been defeated by Jaekelsson. Jaekelsson takes a chain and loops it around Thor's neck, and attaches the other end to the handle of Mjolnir. Jaekelsson then drags Thor to the end of the dock, and throws the Thunder God to the bottom of the bay.

As the Army closes in on the Vikings, they regroup at the seaport with Jaekelsson, and board their ship. Through unknown means, the Viking ship rises into the air, and begins flying through the city towards the soldiers. When they meet, the Vikings overwhelm the soldiers and officers, slaughtering all but a small handful, and destroying their vehicles as well.

As night falls in the city, Thor manages to pull himself from the water onto the dock. As he slumps against a wall, drained of energy, Thor is surprised to find Stephen Strange waiting for him.

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