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Quote1 There, but for the grace of the all-father, go we... ...But I am reminded that one day, we all shall follow yon warrior-maids to the lands beyond light and darkness! That day shall be Ragnarok, when all of creation shall be swept away! Quote2

Appearing in "The War of the Gods!"

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Synopsis for "The War of the Gods!"

We see the history of the Asgardian cosmology. Thor answers the call of some Vikings engaged in battle with some Greeks. But the Greeks call upon Hercules, and he and Thor clash. They battle for hours, and decide to continue in a weeks time with their entire armies at their side. Both Odin and Zeus do not want a war, but Loki impersonates Thor and goads the Olympians into action. When the smoke clears, the Asgardians have triumphed. But when Thor goes to look at the spoils, he finds Athens unfazed. Odin tells him that their followers sustain them, and they can no more conquer the Greeks then the Greeks can conquer them. As Thor storms off, Karnilla offers him a vision of his future - the Avengers.


  • See Journey Into Mystery for Vol 1 1 and Thor Special 2-4 (3 & 4 are reprint issues)
  • This issue will be reprinted in the trade Thor: Gods & Guardians.
  • The prelude is a retelling of Journey Into Mystery #97 and 98 "Tales of Asgard" feature

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