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Quote1.png I come to say farewell...yet somehow, I feel that, whate'er may be the fate of this city thou dost defend... ...we two shall meet again. Quote2.png
Thor to Aeneas

Appearing in "Thunder over Troy"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Troy and its allies:


Other Characters:

Races and Species:



  • Mjolnir
  • Achilles' armor (First appearance)
  • Achilles' second armor (First appearance)
  • Wooden horse


  • Chariot of Aeneas


Synopsis for "Thunder over Troy"

While battling some Storm Giants, Thor and Loki discover the crack in the ground that once led to Olympus. This time, strange mists rob Thor of his memory as he and Loki get seperated in the cavern. Once through, he meets Aeneas and finds himself involved in the Trojan War. After his adventures, and a battle with Zeus after regaining his memory, Thor returns to the cavern where he meets Loki. Loki tells him that he had lost his memory as well, but contributed to the war in his own way by telling Odysseus of Ithaca about an astute, leading to the creation of a wooden horse.

Appearing in "A Few Ounces of Troy"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "A Few Ounces of Troy"

Instead of a letters' page, The Hammer Strikes page features a full page essay on the making of this annual.


  • This issue is a tale of a much younger Thor as noted in the story by the text, When the Eternal Realm was Young. However, it does take place after the first meeting of Thor and Hercules in Journey into Mystery Annual #1.
  • A plot assist for this annual is noted on page one to Don Thompson and Maggie Thompson.
  • The last panel of the story promises that next year's annual will be about the founding of Rome by Aeneas. The essay "A Few Ounces of Troy" by Roy Thomas also indicates that the following year's annual will feature the second meeting of Aeneas and Thor. Yet Thor Annual #9 was a completely different story written by Chris Claremont instead.

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