Quote1.png Leave this world and you will forget me, Thor. Suffer not the pain of my memory or... or... Quote2.png
-- Ceranda

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Synopsis for "Tears of a God"

Thor is invited to visit the Fantastic Four at their home, and is thrown a surprise party, to thank him for saving their son Franklin from Doctor Doom. They ask him where he had been for all those weeks when everyone else had returned home. He doesn't remember, but somewhere deep inside lies the truth.

He and Doom fight in space until a dimensional warp grabs them both, and Thor crashes in the Rust Caverns of the planet Balatraan. A sorceress named Ceranda rescues him and nurses him back to health. Meanwhile, Doom finds himself the natives and using his abilities, conquers them. Over the weeks, Thor grows fond of Ceranda and she begins to fall in love with him. But Thor is still unable to pierce the dimensional barrier to travel home, so he begins to grow comfortable. But Doom has other plans. He has created a toxic gas, and threatens to kill the populace if Thor does not transport Doom home. Thor manages to defeat him in battle, only to reveal that it's not really Doom at all, but one of the natives in mock armor. It was a feint, and Doom got what he wanted after all - Ceranda. Having drained her magicks and combined it with his own, Doom tells Thor that it was in truth Ceranda herself who transported them to that world and kept them there, because she was lonely. Being a sorceress on an entirely technological world, she had been cast out. Doom then transports himself away. But just before she dies, Ceranda has enough remaining power for one final spell. She causes Thor to completely forget about her as soon as he leaves, and burying her, he does so.

Back on Earth, the FF break Thor out of his reverie, and he feels that he's missing something, or forgotten something very important. Franklin gives him a present to cheer him up. A toy hammer.

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