Quote1 I live again!! Hear me, Odin!! The stakes of thy tournament have been raised! Now it is thine own life itself which is the prize! Quote2
-- The Destroyer

Appearing in "If Asgard Falls.."

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Synopsis for "If Asgard Falls.."

Odin has called the start of the Tournament of Titans to determine who will be the Champion of Asgard. Lighting three torches, he sends three of Asgards greatest athletes to the Mount of Eternity to light the Beacon of the Brave. The lighting of the flame is seen all over the realm and beyond, it is especially seen by the Absorbing Man and Loki who are still frozen solid and trapped in orbit around Asgard following their last defeat at the hands of Thor. Bitter at this defeat, Loki vows to get revenge against Thor and Odin and ruin the games.

Odin meanwhile, being stuck in the role of judge of the games, reminisces to Thor about the old days when he used to compete in the Tournament. Thor is met by the Warriors Three who have come to try and get Thor to come out and enjoy the festivities. Odin realizing he has been keeping his son from enjoying himself allows the Thunder God to leave with his friends. Along the way the quartet of heroes are stopped when they happen upon a bar brawl involving Tyr, Brok, Galp and Drom the Spirit-Weaver, four ne'er-do-wells. They break up the fight and the two groups then end up challenging each other to see who is superior. Tyr choosing Fandral, Galp against Hogun, Brok against Thor, and Drom against Volstagg.

As this is going on, Loki sends his spirit to Earth where he finds the ruins of temple where the Destroyer armor was stored. There, Loki possesses the body of the Destroyer in the hopes of using the enchanted armor against Thor and Odin and ruin the Tournament.

Back on Asgard, the tournament gets underway starting with a battle royal to see who is the bravest warrior of them all. Participating in the event are Thor, the Warriors Three, Tyr, Brok, Galp and Drom. As planned these eight warriors pair off fighting their supposed equal opponent to see which one is the better of the other. As this contest goes on, the Destroyer armor arrives on the Bifrost Bridge, and Heimdall proves to be little match to stop it from crossing into Asgard.

The Destroyer enters the arena where at that time the Warriors Three, Thor and Tyr and his goons are all fighting each other. The Destroyer soon breaks up the fight, easily dispelling all the contenders and making it's way toward Odin himself. Dropping their battle with Tyr and his crones, Thor goes after the Destroyer, attacking the enchanted armor all by himself. Like in his previous encounter with the Destroyer armor, Thor finds that he does not have sufficient power to be able to stop it.

When the armor gets to Odin, Loki reveals that he is the one that is piloting the suit and prepares to destroy Odin with a blast from the armor's disintegration ray. Before he can do so, Balder -- whom Odin sent off to locate Loki's physical body -- returns with the location of the body. Odin then casts a spell of forgetfulness on Loki's inert form blocking out all of his thoughts. With no mind or memory to remember how to pilot the armor, Loki's soul returns to his body rendering the Destroyer armor inert once more.

With Loki's plot foiled, Odin addresses his subjects and declares them all heroes.

Appearing in "Mad Merlin!"

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Synopsis for "Mad Merlin!"

Reprints "Mad Merlin!" from Journey Into Mystery #96

Thor overheard a shore crew state that they are unloading the sarcophagus of the legendary Merlin. He wonders what it would be like if Merlin were alive today. Then entering his office window, Thor returns to his identity of Dr Don Blake. He emerges from his office to be scolded by his nurse Jane Foster because he has been ignoring his patients for over an hour. He can not tell her he was busy saving a busload of people who fell off a bridge into the river.

At the museum, Merlin's sarcophagus is opened to reveal his body still in perfect condition. As soon as the workers leave, Merlin awakens and recalls how he use to use his mutant powers of telepathy, levitation and teleportation to fake magic. Reading a newspaper he learns of missile test at Cape D'or and uses his powers to send the missile off course.

Alerted by a radio broadcast, Thor arrives and corrects the missile's course. He then goes to Asgard to see if the imprisoned Loki is behind the mishap. Loki reveals that Merlin is the one responsible. Thor heads to the museum to check out Loki's claim.

But Merlin has teleported himself to Washington DC, where enters the White House to try to take the country from President Kennedy. Thor arrives, and a battle follows with Merlin using the Washington Monument as a super-lance and animated the statue from the Lincoln Memorial.

Their powers evenly matched, Thor decides to take a gamble. He strikes his hammer, returning to the form of Blake. He then convinces Merlin that he is a shape shifter and able to became thousands of more powerful forms. He orders Merlin to return to his sarcophagus for another 1000 years.

Later, in the operating room, Jane comments that when it comes to the operating table, Dr Blake is a magician.

Appearing in "The Enchantress and the Executioner!"

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Synopsis for "The Enchantress and the Executioner!"

Reprints "The Enchantress and the Executioner!" from Journey Into Mystery #103

Thor arrives back in 20th century New York from his trip to the future. Exhausted, he returns to his medical office and transforms back into Dr. Don Blake. Jane Foster, Blake's nurse, arrives for work moments later, and leads him to the couch for a nap. As he sleeps, he dreams of his recent battle with the Tomorrow Man.

In Asgard, Odin complains that he is unable to drive the love for Jane Foster out of Thor's heart. Seeing an opportunity, Loki comes up with a plan to win Thor away with someone more desirable. He enlists the aid of the Asgardian goddess Amora, called the Enchantress.

Once on Earth, her great beauty captures any men who see her. Arriving at Blake's office, she tricks him into kissing her so that Jane will see it. Jane leaves, slamming the door behind her, and Blake follows.

Realizing she has failed to capture Thor's affection, Amora returns to Asgard and enlists the aid of the Executioner, Skurge. She orders the giant warrior, who is in love with her, to find and exile Jane.

Having gone to Jane's apartment and found her gone, Blake reverts to Thor and heads to the police commissioner's ofice. There he learns that the Executioner is rampaging through the city, and sets off to stop him. Meanwhile Skurge has found Jane, and uses the power of his axe to open an interdimensional doorway and banish her to a misty, shadowy Limbo.

Thor arrives and the Executioner offers to return Jane to Earth in exchange for Thor's hammer. Thor agrees, and Jane is freed. But when Skurge attempts to lift the hammer, he can not because of the enchantment that is on it. Suddenly his limbs begin to transform into wooden branches.

Seeing his betrayal, the Enchantress turns the Executioner partially into a tree. She then tries to use her magic to transform Thor's hammer into a serpent. But her magic is unable to defeat the mystic protection Odin has placed on the hammer. Using the hammer, Thor creates a vortex which carries both Amora and Skurge back to Asgard.

Thor then sees Jane, and, as Blake, joins her. From Asgard, an angry Odin vows that Thor will no longer defy him, and that he must act now against his son.


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