Quote1 The skies will fall and the stars burn to cinders before the son of Odin bends his knee to an insect such as you. Quote2
-- Thor Odinson src

When a plague turned the world's population into cannibals, Thor helped his fellow Avengers hold back the infected in New York City. As their loses started piling up, Thor rallied together a small band of the remaining Avengers at Ground Zero. In the midst of the battle, Doctor Doom flew in on his aircraft and offered them a cure for the plague.[1]

Thor believed he was lying to them and was totally against his help, even attacking him out of anger. But when Doom demanded to be named Emperor of Earth in exchange for his cure, Thor and the other Avengers fought him. However, even together, they were no match for him. To make matters worse, Hercules led an army of Subterraneans to the surface and battled the Avengers. Pushed to their limit, Hawkeye convinced Doom to help them, after which, they reluctantly agreed to his offer.[2]

His supposed cure was his Doomstones, made from a combination of science and alchemy. The Doomstones would keep the uninfected from getting infected and would wipe out the mind of those who succumbed to it. Thor was still against following Doom and abandoned Earth.[3]

Soon afterwards, Doom revealed to Hawkeye that the Doomstones were actually a means for him to force its wearer to become a cannibal. As almost all of New York City fell to the plague thanks to the Doomstones, Thor and his brother Loki watched from Asgard. For unknown reasons, he returned to kill Hawkeye, the last Avenger, and flew away with his remains. He later killed both the infected Ares and Hercules before leaving, seemingly for good.[4]


Seemingly those of the Thor Odinson of Earth-616.



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