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Chitauri Invasion

Going to earth to retrieve his brother Loki, who had previously been presumed dead, Thor was met by resistance by Iron Man and Captain America, who were currently holding Loki hostage. A fight broke out between Thor and the two. The skirmish escalated throughout the Forest, Thor reigning Thunder from the skies while his opponents assembled various makeshift gadgets to bring him down to their level. This continued until Thor attacked Captain America's Shield with his Mjolnir, the three realising they were at an impasse and resolved to bring Loki into the Helicarrier. [1]

Cosmic Brick Crisis

Skirmish on Asgard

Helping Earth's Mightiest Heroes track Loki, thor arrived on earth, rendezvousing with Human Torch, Captain America and Wolverine. Having detected Loki on Asgard, Thor transported his 3 companions, along with one unwilling cleaner, to Asgard. Entering the Obsevatory, they found Asgard overrun with ice and frost giants and, after breaking out of the locked observatory, they found Loki leading the charge. After fighting their way through Asgard and Loki's illusions, they found Loki in the throne room, where he used the mind stone to control the Destroyer. After the four were able to pull the Destroyer apart through a combination of Cap's shield and Mjolnir, Loki resorted to his usual illusions, something Wolverine was able to bypass through his heightened senses. After the four defeated Loki in combat, Loki teleported away, leaving the Teseract behind. Thor argued with Human Torch and Cap as to where to put the Teseract, letting Wolverine steal it when the three weren't looking. [2]

A Trip to the Ocean

Tracking Loki and Doom to the Ocean, Tony and Thor were assigned to a S.H.I.E.L.D. research sub to help track them. There they found the research sub had been taken hostage by an A.I.M. sub. After Iron Man took out the external weapons, the two were met by Spider-Man and made their way broke into the A.I.M. sub. Fighting their way through various A.I.M. Agents, the thee were faced with Doctor Doom. Following him, they were ambushed by M.O.D.O.K. who they defeated M.O.D.O.K. as a result of him overloading his power. After M.O.D.O.K. was defeated, Doom fled in the stolen S.H.I.E.L.D. research sub, which was lodged on an ocean cliff due to falling debris, as Iron Man, Thor and Spider-Man protecting Jean from oncoming Doombots. Reaching the sub and making their way inside, they confronted Doctor Doom, knocking him unconscious with Mjolnir and dislodging the ship in the process. Doom was not brought into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody, however, as Magneto then rescued him by controlling the Statue of Liberty. [2]

Battle with Magneto

Breaking out of the submarine, Jean left the three to report back to Xavier. Meanwhile Peter and Thor learnt of Asteroid M, Magneto's newly powered ship, and resolved to stop it. After Tony and Peter uncovered the Stark Jet, the three arrived at Asteroid M's hangar, where they were greeted by Magneto who locked them in the room with a group of Acolytes. Utilising the airlock to blow the door open, the three pursued Magneto. Chasing Magneto throughout the Asteroid, they eventually confronted him. Magneto prooved a worthy oponent, fashioning a metal Avatar for himself and throwing all manner of objects at them. Despite this, however, the heroes were able to defeat Magneto by fashioning large objects out of debris and destroying his avatar, then defeating him in regular combat, launching Magneto back to Earth afterwards.

Battle on Asteroid M

The three then confronted Doom and Loki. Being supercharged by Loki's scepter, Doom blasted the three, knocking Iron Man and Thor back into the lower areas. Eventually, Iron Man and Thor were able to reach Loki and the other heroes after Doom had been defeated. From here, Loki revealed his master plan, use the Doom Ray to take control of Galactus and have it devour Earth and Asgard. Loki demonstrated this, having Galactus destroy Asteroid M, causing the 6 heroes to crash-land on the hellicarrier. [2]

Last Stand on the Hellicarrier

Forming an alliance with the villains Loki had previously hired to stop the earth from being destroyed, Thor and Iron man met up with Magneto and Abomination, briefing them on the mission. Thor was assigned to hide inside a replica of Earth with Hulk. Once Team Three had summoned a black hole, Team Four assembled it. This fooled Galactus, allowing Thor and Hulk to jump out of the cake and knock him and Loki into the Black Hole. As they fell into the Hole, Thor destroyed the Doom Ray, allowing Fury to use the Cosmic Bricks to reassemble Silver Surfer's board. As per Fury and Doom's earlier agreement, the villains were given a thirty second head-start to escape, an idea that was unintentionally sabotaged by Hulk's inability to count to three, allowing the villains to escape. [2]

Rescuing Heimdall

After Heimdall was kidnapped by the Frost Giants and Malekith, Thor and Loki were sent by Odin to retrieve him. After opening the drawbridge where Heimdall's cage was held, Malekith engaged them in combat. The brothers defeated Malekith and freed Heimdall from his prison, with Thor taking Heimdall back to Asgard. [2]

Dark Elf Attack

Age of Ultron

Sokovian Raid

After the fall of S.H.I.E.L.D., Thor, along with the Avengers, started tracking down Hydra bases across the world, trying to find Baron Wolfgang von Strucker and Loki's Scepter. Finally, they tracked him down to Sokovia, Thor teamed up with Captain America, avoiding turret fire by working their way through the Hydra trenches and eventually destroying a Hydra tank. Afterwards, Hawkeye was injured by Quicksilver, causing Thor to evacuate Barton to the jet while Iron Man and Captain America completed the mission. [1]

Kang Invasion

Thor fought Surtur in Chronopolis. [3]



Seemingly those of the Thor Odinson of Earth-199999.


Seemingly those of the Thor Odinson of Earth-199999.





Voiced By Travis Willingham in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes.
Voiced by Ronan Summers in LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2.
Voiced with archive audio from Chris Hemsworth in LEGO Marvel's Avengers.


This Thor is based on his Earth-199999 counterpart.

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