In the year 2420, when Ultron sized power of the Earth and enslaved humankind, he also found a way to aquire Odin's power and become the All-Father, leading to the fall of Asgard, with the help of Loki.[1] Thor was infected with a nanovirus modeled after his brother, and became completely loyal towards Ultron,[2] and joined the evil A.I.'s own robotic version of the Avengers.[3]

Avengers (A.I.) (Earth-14831) from Avengers Ultron Forever Vol 1 1 001

Thor together with his fellow Ultron-controlled Avengers

Together with the rest of the robotic Avengers, Thor confronted their counterparts from the past, who had been displaced to to the future through time jumps caused by the Time Gem. Up until they all teleported further into the future, Thor, Star Brand, Hyperion and Hawkeye guarded the unbreakable cage containing most of the past Avengers while Captain America and Black Widow were dealing with their organic counterparts.[1]

Some time later, the A.I. Avengers saw the reign of their master Ultron threatened by the appearance of different Avengers, each from a distinct time period, brought to the present by Doctor Doom. While guarding Asgardia, Thor was confronted by his past self and his replacement.[3] The combined power of the lightning of both Thors caused the nanovirus infecting Thor to malfunction and be purged from the Thunderer's body, allowing Thor to regain his composure and help his two counterparts in confronting Ultron.

Ultron (Earth-14831) from New Avengers Ultron Forever Vol 1 1 002

The Thors Three confronting the All-Father

The Thors Three entered Asgardia and faced Ultron, who furiously attacked them. Thor's past self gave his Mjolnir to the other past Thor, and the combined power of both hammers was used to vanish Ultron out of reality.[2]

As the other two Thors returned to their ally, Doctor Doom, Thor remained in Asgardia. However, peace was cut short when Doctor Doom himself took control of Ultron's reign. The time-displaced Avengers teleported to Asgardia in order to escape the villain. When the heroes requested the help of other Asgardians, Thor showed them his fellow gods had been trapped behind a magic mirror. Doctor Doom eventually pinned down his former allies, and unleashed his robotic army. Thor joined the time-displaced heroes in fending off Doom's army. Reinforcements soon came to help the heroes in the form of the other Asgardians, who were freed from the magic mirror by Iron Man.

Earth-14831 from Uncanny Avengers Ultron Forever Vol 1 1 002

Peace in Midgard

After the past Avengers returned to Doctor Doom and convinced him to cease hostility and free humanity, the former tyrant welcomed Thor and the other Asgardians as Earth's protectors.[4]


Seemingly those of the Thor of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Thor of Earth-616.

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