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Not much is known about Rune Thor's history, but at some point in time he became a member of the Thor Corps, a force composed of multiple men and women dedicated to preserving peace across Battleworld.

Eventually Rune Thor began to murder Jane Fosters and Donald Blakes from multiple domains with the help of his partner, the Destroyer Thor, possibly because most Jane Fosters and Donald Blakes from alternate realities were closely tied to their respective Thors. These murders led to a Thor Corps investigation with Thunderer Thorlief and Stormbreaker Ray assigned as lead investigators. The pair traveled to the Kingdom of Manhattan to seek information from one of Ray's informants, Loki, and as Stormbreaker Ray was receiving the tip, Rune Thor fatally injured him.[1]

Over the next few weeks following Ray's death the Thor Corps proceeded to comb through Battleworld hunting for any suspects, any person capable of killing a Thor. Meanwhile, Rune Thor had killed a hammer salesman named Donald Blake whose body Loki found and then dumped where Thorlief would find it.[2]

Thorlief's inquiry eventually led him to the Deadlands where a mass grave for Jane Fosters and Donald Blakes was uncovered. While he was investigating, Rune Thor struck him from behind and left him for dead at the mercy of the Deadlands' zombies; however, Thorlief would eventually be rescued by Thor the Unworthy.[3]

Rune Thor and his partner, Destroyer Thor, went back to Doomgard to kill the only witness to Ray's death, Loki, but failed when Thorlief and Thor returned and attacked them. A furious battle took place in the halls of Doomgard, where, at the same time, Jane Foster from Earth-616 was rallying the Thors to rebel against God Emperor Doom. Rune Thor was about to destroy his fellow Thors when his hammer fell out of his hand and dropped to the floor. He tried to pick it up, but to no avail, for he was unworthy, and this allowed Thorlief to knock him unconscious.[4]



Seemingly those of the Thor Odinson of Earth-616.




  • Rune Thor wears a costume nearly identical to the one worn by Earth-616's Thor Odinson in The Mighty Thor: Lord of Asgard.

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