When Thor was young, he participated in a fight whose winner would be rewarded with the spear of Bashenga. He confronted the queen Yemandi and she forced him to surrender. Later, they both encountered Morgan Le Fay, who attacked both of them by stealing Bashenga's now core and turning Thor into a frog. Yemandi and Thor searched for LeFay and managed to retrieve Bashenga's core and Thor was returned to normal by a kiss from Yemandi. Yemandi said goodbye to him and Thor assured her that he would never forget it.[2]

At an unveiling ceremony during J'son's meeting with Thor, Drax got into a fight with Thor over who's the real "destroyer" which caused the latest statue of J'son to be destroyed.[3]


Seemingly those of the Thor Odinson of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Thor Odinson of Earth-616.


Unnamed new axe.[4]

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