The history of this incarnation of Thor most likely largely mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart, however there are a few differences. This Thor still has the alter-ego of the mortal doctor Donald Blake, which he can actively switch back and forth between. Also, it is suggested that Thor's status as an actual Norse god is not as widely known in this reality as it is in Earth-616. When Julie suggests to her siblings that they should find the Asgardians to get some of the Golden Apples of Idunn for their ill grandmother, Alex doubts if the Norse gods are even real, and if the superhero Thor is actually the Thor from the legends (Alex theorises that Thor could simply be a human who gained the power to control lightning and then adopted the name Thor because it would fit his new powers).

At some point probably not long before meeting Power Pack, Loki tricked Thor into accepting a match to see who could throw an object the furthest. Thor used his hammer Mjolnir, but threw it so far that it did not return, just like Loki wanted. After days of searching, Thor finally found his hammer again in the castle of the Giant King Hrymer, and had to best him in a series of competitions to get it back. Thor succeeded in reclaiming Mjolnir, earning him the hatred of Hrymer.

At his first appearance in this reality, Thor and his friend Beta Ray Bill had just returned from fighting a group of Skrulls. When he and Bill go to their favourite tavern for a drink, they find their table occupied by Power Pack, who now called themselves the Warriors Four and were on a quest to find the Golden Apples of Idunn. Power Pack and Thor shared some tales of their adventures, and gained each others respects when they helped Thor defeat Hrymer, who had come to the tavern to seek revenge for how Thor humiliated him. To thank them for their help, Thor agreed to ask his father, Odin, permission to give Power Pack some of the Golden Apples.

However, Power Pack coming to Asgard and Hrymer attacking them was all a plan cooked up by Loki and Amora the Enchantress. The clothes Loki had given Power Pack earlier contained special gems that, once inside the walls of Asgard, allowed Enchantress to cast a spell that turned all Asgardians, including Thor, into babies. When Julie, Katie and Jack set out to get the Golden Apples now that Idunn could no longer do so (having been turned into a baby herself), the young Thor accompanied them. When they brought the apples back to Odin's throne room, Loki took them and had Power Pack captured.

With the Golden Apples now in the hands of Loki and Hrymer, the Asgardians began to rapidly age, which in turn started Ragnarok and awoke Jormungand, who came to devour Thor (like the legends said he would). Along with Power Pack and the Pet Avengers, Thor fought against the giant Serpent but failed to stop him. Knowing the legend, Thor offered to accept his death if Jormungand promised to spare the others. Not wanting to give up, Alex grabbed Mjolnir and attacked Jormungang, proving himself worthy of the power of Thor. Julie meanwhile figured out a way to get the apples back. At her suggestion, Thor destroyed the gems, causing the de-ageing spell to backfire against Loki, Enchantress and Hrymer. With Loki turned into a baby, Julie was able to get the Apples back and avert Ragnarok.

Thor then returned Power Pack to Earth. To help their grandmother, he visited her in his human guise of Dr. Donald Blake and gave her a bowl of apple sauce made from the golden apples, which successfully healed her illness. Power Pack never noticed Thor and Donald Blake were one and the same, except for Katie who saw Thor transform back into himself and fly away.


Seemingly those of Thor Odinson of Earth-616.



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