Thor had the same life as his Earth-616 counterpart up until the point that he was teleported to Stranger's World.

This Thor was fooled by Abomination that Stranger brought him here, but in truth, it was Abomination who brought Thor to that planet, who was accindentally pushed the teleportation button. Abomination's purpose was to make Thor his ally.

Abominaton wanted help from Thor to free Stranger's other prisoners, which Thor gladly accepted but when Thor broke the prisoner aliens' wall, this alerted Stranger from wherever he was at the moment. Stranger immediatly arrived at the scene.

While he and Stranger was fighting, former prisoners of Stranger ran away with Abomination.

Meanwhile, Stranger made copies of himself to confuse Thor but Thor broke the ground which took all of the fake Strangers. After that, Thor ran away from Stranger to learn more about his opponent. After his escape, Thor transformed himself to his alter ego; Donald Blake.

Meanwhile; Abomination, as the leader of the aliens, was planning to conquer universe but Don Blake (forgotten that he was Don Blake instead of Thor at the moment) arrived at the scene and told that there are forces that can stop them but Abomination and his alien army attacked him and before Don Blake transformed to Thor again via his walking stick (Mjolnir), Abomination took it from Don at the last second and throwed it to somewhere. Don Blake immediatly ran away and hide somewhere.

While Don Blake plans to take his stick back before crushed by aliens and Abomination's feet, Sif arrived to the place to help Thor/Don Blake. Sif gave Don Blake his stick and he immediatly transformed to Thor again.

While Thor was fighting with Abomination and his army, Stranger found them but Thor went back in time to prevent Stranger from learning the existence of Asgard and its Asgardians.

Thor's memories were arrived to his Earth-616 counterpart at the moment where he was teleported to Stranger's World, Thor of Earth-616 was aware thanks by the Thor of Earth-70766 that Abomination was trying to trick him, so he punched Abomination. This caused Abomination to fell unconscious. Thor went back to Asgard before Stranger arrived to the planet.[1]


Seemingly those of Thor of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Thor of Earth-616.

Strength level

Seemingly those of Thor of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Thor of Earth-616.




Mjolnir: Mjolnir can fly and create portals to other dimensions.


Mjolnir: Mjolnir can control weather, so it can create lighting bolts and can be thrown at enemies.

Thor's time travel created his universe to be diverged from Earth-616.

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