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The past history of Thor of Earth-788 is very much similar to his Earth-616 counterpart. Much like in that reality, Thor was cast to Earth by Odin and transformed into the lame doctor Donald Blake as a lesson in humility for the arrogant god, his hammer Mjolnir would be disguised as a walking stick and left in a cave in Norway for him to find at a time he finally learned his lesson.

This would not come to pass as it did on Earth-616, as when Donald Blake would take his faithful vacation to Norway, he would take along his nurse and the woman he secretly loved Jane Foster. When they would witness the Kronans beginning their invasion of the Earth, it would be Jane who would discover Mjolnir and become the powerful Thordis. Witnessing the battle, Blake would ask Thordis to find his love Jane Foster, completely unaware that Jane was really Thordis. After driving off the invaders, Jane would change back to her human form and return to Blake, embracing their relationship and returning to America.

Donald would not openly tell Jane how he felt, and Jane would keep her double identity a secret. Eventually both of these factors would cause them to drift apart. When Odin would go into the Odinsleep, Sif, seeking to be reunited with her lover Thor would seek out Donald Blake. Pretending to be a drowning woman near a beach, she would draw Blake out to save her. Because Blake would come to her rescue despite his lame leg, Sif would heal his leg and reveal his true identity to her and they would begin a relationship together.

Their happiness would be interrupted by Loki who would attack the couple, prompting Thordis to come to their rescue. Although Loki would be driven away, Sif would be injured in the battle and Blake would perform surgery on her saving her life. This would fortify their relationship together much to Thordis' sadness. When Thordis and Sif would learn of the coming of Ragnarok, Donald Blake would insist on going to Asgard with them to prevent the catastrophe from happening. Armed with a mystic sword, Blake would help the two women defend the Odinsword from Mangog until the creature was defeated by the awoken Odin. Spotting Loki trying to sneak away, Don would use his sword to stop him in his tracks so that Odin might mete out punishment.

In the battles aftermath, Odin would have Jane Foster turn Mjolnir over to Don, transforming him back into Thor with all his godly memories restored. Restored to normal, Thor would resume his relationship with Sif and participate in the wedding of Odin and Jane (whom Odin transformed into a god). After the ceremony, Thor and Sif would return to Earth and act as its defenders.[1]

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