After following his half-brother Loki into a cavern, wherein a host of tunnels branched off in many directions, Thor turned to the left of that which led to Troy, wandering down a tunnel that led to ancient Hyboria. In Corinthia, deprived of supernatural powers and memory due to the great distance from his Asgard home, he met Conan, who helped him to search for Crom. Atop of his Grey Mound, the Cimmerian god revealed Thor his true origin and stripped him of his one link with home, the hammer Mjolnir. Thor and Conan journeyed through Hyboria searching for the divine hammer, until eventually they found it in Stygia by the hands of Thoth-Amon, whom engaged in duel. The Asgardian invoked the lightning to strike upon Set's unholy altar, which assaulted the black sorcerer and shattered his body and dark soul. The strike was fatal to Thor, too, who perished so that men might live[1].


Thor is a capable fighter.

Strength level

While in Hyboria, Thor's divine strength was diminished due to the great distance from Asgard.


Although his primary weapon was Mjolnir, in Hyboria the hammer's power was greatly reduced and he eventually resulted to use a steel blade to defend himself.

  • Thor's divergent path from his Earth-616 counterpart comes from the events of Thor Annual #8, where instead of going through the tunnel that led to Ancient Troy and the Trojan War as the Earth-616 Thor did, this Thor ended up in Ancient Hyboria and encountered Conan instead.

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