Thor fought alongside Thanos during the war against the Builders. The both of them tried to outdo each other during the battle. Thor was then part of the landing party teleported to the main Builder ship by Manifold.

There he helped defeat numerous Builders, but yelled at Captain America about keeping his head in the game after Rogers' attention became focused on what Thanos was doing. After a long engagement, Thor and Captain Marvel were backed into a corner by a group of Builders.

One of them conveyed to Thor that he had killed many of them, so they would focus their next attack on Asgard once they were finished with Earth. When the Builder shot an energy blast at Thor, it ricocheted off of Captain America's shield. Thinking that it Rogers, Thor looked up to find Thanos holding the shield and explained that Captain America perished killing off the last of the Builder command.

At first Thor questioned Thanos about his supposed story about Captain America's death. Thanos then got down on one knee and explained how he helped save Earth and the rest of reality and he wanted to take on the legacy that Rogers had left behind. Thor believed in Thanos and was next seen with the other Avengers with Thanos as their leader.[1]


Seemingly those of the Thor Odinson of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Thor Odinson of Earth-616.



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