Scarecrow was a resident of Oz, who spoke to Jennifer while she was traveling to meet the Wizard of Oz. This startled her but she helped untie him. As thanks, he offered to accompany her and explained that he would like to ask the Wizard for some strength to allow him to life his hammer. After travelled further, the Scarecrows legs grew tired so they rested, when Jennifer heard faint cries of help. The cries were coming from the Tin Man whose body had frozen stiff and needed oiling. After doing so the Tin Man then joined them in the journey to the city, wanting a new heart since he felt empty on the inside. The trio ended up in the woods when they were attacked by a Lion, however, Jennifer struck which caused to whimper in fear and he explained he had lost his courage and then joined them on the journey to the Wizard to ask for some courage.

They arrived to the Ruby city and sought an audience with the Wizard who revealed he was the father of Wanda and Pietra and rather than seeking vengeance against Jennifer for her death he sought her help. He explained he had cast his two children out for being spoiled and told them to proce their worthiness for his throne, but this caused them to become twisted and began to terrorize the land. He asked Jennifer if she would help bring Wanda back to him, in order they would get there wishes, which she agreed to.

The group travelled to Wanda's domain and were attacked by her and her flying Mutants. The Tin Man tried to protect them but carried away by the Mutants but was seemingly destroyed when Scarecrow tried to rescue him. This gave Scarecrow the strength to lift his hammer to protect them but the mutants tore his straw body apart. This gave Lion the courage to defend her next and used a Shield to take out several mutants before Wanda turned into a lion cub. With no defenders left, Wanda tried to grab Jennifer and carry her away but she 'Hulked' out and over powered Wanda and made her restore everyone she had hurt. The Wizard appeared and asked his daughter for his forgiveness and the two embraced. Agatha appeared and revealed to Jennifer that the power to go home was inside her all along and after saying goodbye to her new friends she clicked her heels three times. She presumably returned home, but this is currently unknown. [1]

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