Thor Odinson shared history with his counterpart from Earth-199999 up until he took Jane Foster to Asgard, where she was discovered to have the Aether inside of her. From the future of another reality where the Dark Elves led by Malekith attacked Asgard in their attempt to obtain the Aether, another version Thor accompanied by Rocket time-traveled into the past of 2013, seeking to retrieve the Reality Stone from Jane in order to use it to undo the Decimation caused by Thanos in their timeline. Despite future Thor running into his mother Frigga, who was instantly able to tell that he was a version of her son from the future, Rocket was able to successfully extract the Reality Stone. Before they returned back to 2023, Thor also borrowed Mjolnir from his younger self, although Captain America later returned to 2013 and returned both Mjolnir and the Aether to their proper place.[1]





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