The story of this version of Thor was told by Odin's eye.

According to the tale, this Thor existed before the current Thor was born, and was the son of another Odin that lived in another Asgard, that had its own pantheon, consisting of different versions of the current Asgardians, resembling more their mythological counterparts than the modern, super hero-like Gods that exist in the current Asgard. His story is probably exactly the same as the current Thor, with the exception that he was never sent to Midgard to learn humility and become a super hero, and he was much like in Norse mythology stories, unlike his present-day super hero counterpart. At some point, he married that Asgard's version of Sif, and had two sons, Magni and Modi. During the Ragnarok that destroyed this version of Asgard, Odin, his father, was eaten by Fenris. Thor fought a previous version of the Midgard Serpent, and killed it, but he was also killed by the dying Serpent's venom. After that, Asgard was burned by Surtur, appearing in the sky around 1 A.D.

Only nine Gods survived: Balder, Magni, Modi and six others. That version of Balder found the spear of Odin, and together the nine gods merged and they became the present-day Odin. Odin rebuilt Asgard, and created the new Asgardians we know.

This Thor's hammer fell to Midgard to become the Ring.[1]


Seemingly all the powers of present-day Thor of Earth-616



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