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Quote1.png Your hunger for battle is a disease--and the hammer of Thor shall supply the cure! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Whom the Gods Would Destroy!"

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Synopsis for "Whom the Gods Would Destroy!"

Continued from last issue....

Thor and Hercules are fighting over Jane Foster, both mens egos preventing an end to the fight, however the two appear to be evenly matched. While in Asgard, Odin is still furious over Thor's disobedience in first revealing his double identity to Jane and returning to Earth against Odin's wishes. The All-Father then begins thinking of a suitable punishment for his disobedient son.

Back on Earth, Thor and Hercules' battle takes them across the city, as each man tries to out match the other, accomplishing nothing more but a lot of collateral damage to the city around them. Their battle eventually leads them to a construction site. As the battle rages, on Asgard, Odin has called forth Seidring the Merciless to exact a punishment on Thor: to gradually drain his strength to half power. In spite of Seidring's reservations, he complies with Odin's wishes, striking Thor with a mystical bolt that will weaken the Thunder God just as Odin commanded.

This of course turns the tide of battle in Hercules' favour who begins to beat Thor in combat. However, Hercules realizes that Thor has been weakened and no longer desire to fight an inferior foe. Angered by this, Thor continues his fight even though his strength is at a low ebb. In trying to defeat Hercules, Thor lifts a heavy construction vehicle and finds that his strength is insufficient to keep the device aloft, prompting Hercules to kick it out of his hands, Thor then collapses to the ground.

With the battle over, Hercules is swarmed by spectators, including the talent agent trying to convince Hercules to go to Hollywood and star in a Hercules movie. This time Hercules accepts the offer and departs. When Thor revives he finds that the crowd has lost interest in him and mock his easy defeat at the Prince of Powers hands. Feeling the rejection, Thor is confronted by Jane Foster who says that she only went to lunch with Hercules to make Thor jealous and that she is true to the Thunder God. Feeling that he has lost honour in the face of this defeat, Thor leaves Jane telling him he will not return to her until he has restored it in his eyes.

Jane is upset, until she contacted telepathically by Odin, who tells her that Thor has fought like a true Asgardian and that he is remorseful toward his son and tells Jane to go to him. Heeding this command, Jane follows after the Thunder God.

This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "Tales of Asgard, Home of the Mighty Norse Gods!: The "Summons!""

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Synopsis for "Tales of Asgard, Home of the Mighty Norse Gods!: The "Summons!""

Quote1.png Too long have I ruled here alone--a queen without a king! But now, at last, I have found the one with whom I might share my throne! If you wish Loki to be freed, I shall grant that boon! Merely say that you will stay at my side--that we will rule together! But, dare to refuse--and all who ride the Odinship die before morning! Quote2.png
--Queen Ula

Continued from last issue...

With Loki captured by Ula, Queen of the Flying Trolls, Thor has journeyed to her base the Hive Of Stone to try diplomacy in retrieving his captive step-brother. Ula demands that Thor become her consort and rule along side her, less she kill all those aboard his ship. This is a demand that Loki suggests Thor comply with as well, hoping to use it as a means to get rid of his half-brother.

Before Thor can make a decision, there is a blinding flash of light that allows Thor to escape with Loki and return to their ship. There they find that the Warriors Three were fitting the crew to go on a rescue mission for Thor and Loki. When two returning leaders relate the story, Thor theorizes that the only one who could have came to their rescue and cause the blinding flash was Odin himself.

In answer to this, Odin's image suddenly appears, Odin informs them that their quest is done and that they may return to Asgard.

This story is continued next issue....


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