Quote1 I've won! After all these ages--you signed it willingly! An Olympian Contract--which can never be cancelled! I'm free--at last, I'm free! Quote2
-- Pluto

Appearing in "The Power of Pluto!"

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Synopsis for "The Power of Pluto!"

Following his battle with Seidring, Thor has been put to bed and given the best medical attention that Asgard has to offer, however he remains near death. Odin checking on his sons current condition feels guilty as Thor's condition is at least partially due to the fact that Odin had halved Thor's strength prior to the battle with Seidring. Returning to his throne room, Odin has Seidring brought to him and as punishment has Seidring transported to the realm of the Rock Trolls, who take Seidring to be the king of their barren world.

While in California, Hercules is taken to the set of a new Hercules movie being made by Stardust Studios, the Prince of Power is completely unaware that this studio is in reality a front made by Pluto and Hippolyta, who hope to trick him into signing an Olympian Pact. Under the guise of Stardust Studio owner J.P., Pluto has Hercules do a screen test by fighting a mechanical giant. Passing the "test", Pluto rewards Hercules by giving him a large feast.

Back in Asgard, Thor beings his recovery, even though he's still confined to a bed Thor is taken out to the frozen sea of Marmora by Balder to do some ice fishing. However the outing is marred when Thor misses one of his targets -- a gigantic amphibian creature -- and it attacks their boat, forcing Balder to fight it off and flee the scene.

While back on Earth, Hercules is asked to sign a contract for the movie deal during his feast. Hercules, brashly signs the document, and Pluto reveals his true self and explains that Hercules has signed an Olympian Pact. Both Pluto and Hippolyta boast about how Hercules blindly signed a contract to take over the role of ruling Hades for all eternity.

As Hercules is forced to fight Pluto's hordes, in Asgard, Thor has fully recovered and requests Odin to allow him to return to Earth so that he might have a rematch against Hercules. Odin, having put aside his differences agrees to the request and send Thor to California where he finds Hercules battling the hordes of Pluto. Seeing his rival fighting overwhelming odds, Thor decides to lend a hand and jumps into the battle fighting with Hercules side-by-side. Observing the battle, Pluto and Hippolyta boast about their victory, and having accomplished their goal teleport away.

When the two finally defeat the horde of attackers, Hercules tells Thor what has happened, and understanding Hercules' fate, Thor decides that there isn't time for their final battle and departs.

Appearing in "Tales of Asgard: Aftermath!"

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Synopsis for "Tales of Asgard: Aftermath!"

Odin continues telling Thor, Balder, Loki, and the Warriors Three of the prophesies of Volla about the coming of Ragnarok. According to Volla's visions Loki would stage a revolt against Asgard which would lead to a great war that would destroy their entire kingdom. In the end the Midgard Serpent would destroy Asgard, leaving nothing but a ruined wasteland. Following this, Surtur the Fire God would rise from his realm and set the realm of Asgard ablaze. However in spite of all this destruction, life would soon restart itself in Asgard, with the restoration of life and eventual advancement to it's former state.

With his story finish, Odin asks all gathered what they think about the visions. Loki, defiant as ever, speaks out telling Odin that he doesn't believe the old womans claims and that they are foolish. Odin, however, believes every word and reiterates the fact that Loki will be the cause of Ragnarok.


  • While the fact is not explicitly stated in this issue, we can assume that Odin restored Thor to full strength between the previous issue and this one (he halved it in issue #126).
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[1]

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  1. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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