Quote1 I don't want it! I won't be a goddess! I won't stay in Asgard! It's too horrible! Too unendurable! Don't you realize how mad it is?!! Quote2
-- Jane Foster

Appearing in "To Become an Immortal!"

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Synopsis for "To Become an Immortal!"

Following their encounter with the High Evolutionary, Thor explains to Jane Foster that Odin has consented that they can be wed and that he is going to take her to Asgard. When transporting Jane to Asgard she is almost overwhelmed by the teleportation process and even more so when they materialize on the Bifrost Bridge just as a warrior party is returning home with a Troll as their prisoner.

After an encounter with Heimdall (which further startles Jane), Thor takes his love to meet Odin. The encounter has Jane completely in awe. Odin, in honour of Thor and Jane's impending marriage, uses his powers to transform Jane into a god just like they are. As well as being imbued with immortality, Jane also learns that she can fly, however she lacks the necessary skill to stay aloft and Thor must come to her rescue.

As a final test of her worth, Jane is locked in a room to face the Unknown to see if she has the courage to be among the gods. However, Jane is horrified by the creature and cowers away from it in utter fear, forcing Thor to come to her rescue and fight the monster off. Finding everything too much, Jane demands to be changed back to normal and return to her normal life with no memory of Asgard. Odin complies with her wish, in spite of Thor's protests, and Jane is shunted back to Earth.

When Thor continues to protest Odin's decision, the All-Father exerts his will upon his son who ultimately accepts Jane's fate. Odin then sends Thor to the realm of Gundershelm to protect the Glade of Crystals from attack. Thor is transported there where he defends the Glade from an attack by Trolls, while back on Earth, Jane Foster suddenly appears in a hospital.

She has been restored to human form, and has no memory what happened in Asgard, however Odin had manipulated events so that Jane would soon be hired on as a nurse for Dr. Kincaid, whom Jane instantly finds attractive.

As Thor finishes his battle with the Trolls he is confronted by Sif, his old lover from ages ago. The two instantly reconnect and their old romance once more begins to flourish. Watching this Odin feels satisfied that his son has once more found love.

Appearing in "Tales of Asgard: There Shall Come a Miracle!"

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Synopsis for "Tales of Asgard: There Shall Come a Miracle!"

Continued from last issue...

Thor, Hogun and Fandral continue their fight with Fafnir the dragon. As the battle rages, Thor cracks open the ground with his hammer causing the dragon to fall to it's doom. With the creature seemingly killed, Thor and the others fight through the unstable land, braving both storm and earthquake alike.

They find an imprisoned Volstagg and free him from his cage and the four warriors ride out of Nastrond as the storm reaches it's climax.

Witnessing the situation from Asgard, Odin points out to his council that with the death of Fafnir, the realm will now begin to flourish and grow new life, as identified when Odin spots new plant life growin where Fafnir fell in battle.


  • Thor's longtime romantic interest Jane Foster leaves to work for Dr. Keith Kincaid on the West Coast. She will no longer be a recurring character in this title.
  • The Lady Sif has been seen in this title before. This is the first time she appears in her silver attire. This is also the first time Thor takes notice of Sif's beauty and charm. Thor and Sif will become romantically involved.

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