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Quote1.png We've been struck... by an all-powerful Odin-Bolt! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Let There Be...Chaos!"

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Synopsis for "Let There Be...Chaos!"

Continued from last issue...

For disobeying his orders, Odin has struck down Loki, Sif and Balder with a bolt of energy which robs them of their godly powers just as Odin had done so previously to Thor. With all possible advantages against Thor removed, Loki flees the scene hoping to find another way to best his half-brother.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city, the notorious criminal known as the Wrecker has once more robbed another home of a rich couple. The robbery is called into by the police who organize a dragnet to try and capture the crook. Under pressure to not get caught, the Wrecker is forced to drop his loot in order to escape arrest and begins looking for a new victim.

While in the office of Dr. Donald Blake, Thor, Balder and Sif order in a meal and lament over the loss of their godly powers. Elsewhere still, Loki has rented out a room where he attempts a spell to contact Karnilla the Norn Queen to cast a spell to regain his powers. Loki is unaware that he is being watched by the Wrecker who has targeted Loki as his next robbery victim. At the critical point of the spell, the Wrecker breaks in and knocks Loki out with his crowbar.

Finding only a special container and Loki's helmet, the Wrecker is a little more than disappointed. He puts on Loki's helmet none the less, and when Karnilla finally appears, she mistakes the Wrecker for Loki and grants the petty crook with the power that Loki intended to regain. When Loki revives he demands that the Wrecker give him the power. The Wrecker instead gives Loki back his helmet, relinquishes his crowbar, and even though he doesn't really know how to use his powers, manages to use them to teleport Loki back to Asgard. Impressed by his new super-powers, the Wrecker decides to use them to resume his criminal career.

Back in the office of Donald Blake, Thor decides to pass the time by entertaining Sif and Balder with a television set. The program they are watching is interrupted by a news bulletin where they hear reports of the now super-powered Wrecker has begun a rampage through the city. The three Asgardians resolve to try and stop the Wrecker, even without all of their powers at their command.

The Wrecker continues his rampage, using his magical strength to enhance the power of his crowbar and wreck full buildings. When Thor, Balder and Sif confront the Wrecker, the crook uses his powers to banish Balder and Sif back to Asgard, wanting only to best Thor in combat and wanting no interference from anyone who might help the Thunder God.

As the fight between Thor and the Wrecker rages, it is clear that Thor is no matched for the added might that the Wrecker has at his disposal. Arriving on Asgard, Sif and Balder rush to Odin to beg him to restore Thor's full power. Still furious at Thor for past disobedience, Odin refuses to aid his son, feeling that he has not yet met his penance.

This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "And Finally...Black Bolt!"

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Synopsis for "And Finally...Black Bolt!"

As Black Bolt flies over the Great Refuge of Attilan, to the cheerings of the people, one of them turns the Historikon back to show the birth of Black Bolt.

The chief geneticist Agon and his wife Rynda arrive to see the effect of the genetic altering Mist on their infant son. They discover that he can control electrons, levitate objects and himself, produce a protective shield, and a force blast. But then, growing tired of the test, the infant begins to cry. The sound releases a force that destroys not only the lab but much of the city as well. Black Bolt only survives because he instinctively protected himself with a force field bubble. As Agon cuddles the child, he admits to fearing for what future destruction his son's great powers could cause.

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