Quote1.png Though I face most awesome odds... Thor is helpless... never! Quote2.png
-- Thor

Appearing in "When Falls a Hero!"

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Synopsis for "When Falls a Hero!"

Continued from last issue....

Stripped of his Godly powers, Thor must now face the Wrecker, who has been granted mystical powers accidentally by Karnilla the Norn Queen. As their battle rages on in New York City, Thor can only maintain a defensive and is soon easily beat into submission by the simple minded crook. While in far away Asgard, Balder and Sif can only watch in horror as their friend and ally is savaged on Earth. No longer able to stand being idle and doing nothing, Sif convinces Balder to join her in trying to convince Odin to come to Thor's rescue. Overhearing this, Loki decides to steal the mystic crystal, preventing Odin from being able to view the goings on on the Earth.

Back on Earth, the Wrecker has turned his attentions away from the defeated Thunder God to plunder another bank. Thor revives and once more attempts to stop the Wrecker from robbing the bank. Despite Thor's best efforts, the Wrecker is able to easily fight Thor off with his enchanted crowbar. Meanwhile in Asgard, Balder and Sif seek an audience with Odin and plead that he restores Thor's powers. When they explain Thor's possible death, Odin decides to see for himself, having only wished to punish his disobedient son, not cause his death. However when they arrive at the chamber of the mystic crystal, they find that it's gone. Sif and Balder correctly theorize that Loki must be responsible. Balder asks Odin for permission to hunt down Loki in the realm of the Norn Queen so that he might regain the crystal and prove Thor's plight, a request which Odin allows.

On Earth, Thor continues to fare poorly against the Wrecker, finally beginning to give into fatigue as the two battle it out at a construction site. Thor manages to get a second wind and begins to fight the Wrecker into submission. However things quickly change, when the Wrecker causes a derelict building to collapse on Thor. Sorting through the rubble, the Wrecker finds what he believes to be Thor's dead body.

This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "Silence or Death!"

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Synopsis for "Silence or Death!"

Because of his deadly vocal powers, Black Bolt has been raised in isolation. His father Agon appears to him by a monitor display one morning to inform the young ruler to be that he is old enough now to be trusted to leave his isolation. His cousins Medusa, Karnak, Gorgon and the child Crystal enter and greet him.

Behind them enters Black Bolt's brother Maximus, who seizes Crystal, and turns a nerve-beam on Black Bolt, trying to force him to cry out. Black Bolt tries to glide away in pain. Medusa, Gorgon and Karnak manage to overpower Maximus, and shut down the beam.

But Medusa can see on Black Bolt's face the realization that no matter what happens to him in the future, he can never ever speak or more a sound.

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