Quote1 Was ever maiden faced with problem such as this? Quote2
-- Sif

Appearing in "To Rise Again!"

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Synopsis for "To Rise Again!"

Continued from last issue....

Thor, still powerless since Odin stripped him of his godly might, charges at the coming Destroyer -- completely unaware that it houses the soul of his lover, Sif, who agreed to pilot the armor to save Thor from the Wrecker. Until this point, Sif has managed to keep the Destroyer's natural inclination to destroy any God's in it's path in check. But she begins to lose control of the mystic armor's baser instincts as Thor increases the fury of his attacks. The Destroyer pitches into full control just when Thor smashes a car over the armors head, sending it into a full battle fury.

Watching from her castle is Karnilla and Loki, who have orchestrated these events in the hopes that the Destroyer will kill Thor once and for all. Karnilla calls for the recently captured Balder to be brought before her to witness the destruction of Thor, and also tries to win Balder's affections. Her flirtations are interrupted when Ulik storms the room and throws a sword at them to announce the fact that he intends to kill them all.

Back on Earth, Thor continues his fight against the Destroyer, while inside the armor, Sif tries desperately to regain control and stop the fight, but finds that her will is not powerful enough to seize control of the rampaging armor. As the battle rages on in the Destroyer's favor, back in Asgard, Odin's trusted wizard manages to create a new mystic crystal for Odin to be able to view the Earth. Witnessing Thor's losing battle against the Destroyer and unaware of the machinations of Loki and Karnilla, Odin restores Thor's full strength and godly might.

Thor realizes his full power has been restored when his hammer suddenly pulls out of the Destroyer's grasp and returns to him. Rejoicing at having his full power back, Thor resumes his fight against the Destroyer with his most powerful blows. At a distinct physical disadvantage, the Destroyer then (much to Sif's horror) activates it's disintegratior and fires a beam toward Thor.

Back in the land of the Norns, Ulik tells Karnilla that his master Geirrodur has ordered her death, prompting Balder to come to her protection, in exchange for his and Sif's freedom. This is a request that Karnilla complies with at least freeing Balder who begins a battle with Ulik. While back on Earth, Thor manages to dodge the disintegrator blast and duck into a dead end alleyway, with nowhere to go he is cornered against a nearly unstoppable foe.

This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "Inhuman At Large"

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  • Film crew for monster movie


Synopsis for "Inhuman At Large"

Captured by a human film crew, Triton has been taken in a glass water tank to New York city. As the ship approaches the harbor, one of the sailors says he hoped they have a strong enough cage waiting to hold Triton. Not willing to be caged, Triton breaks out of the tanks and tries to escape. Surrounded by the film crew, a battle follows. During the fight, Triton uses his great strength to tear down the ships's mast. Frightened, the crew abandons ship.

Triton, jumping from the ship as it explodes, swim towards shore wanting to learn more about humans so that he can prepare the other Inhumans for the day when they most meet humans.

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