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-- Thor

Appearing in "The Dilemma of Dr. Blake!"

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Synopsis for "The Dilemma of Dr. Blake!"

Continued from last issue...

Thor, his full strength now restored, continues his battle against the Destroyer, completely unaware that the soul of his lover, Sif, is trapped inside the mystical armor. As the battle rages, Thor tosses his hammer at the Destroyer; however, the device grabs it and uses it against its owner. Before the Destroyer can do any more damage, it suddenly drops on the ground lifeless, leaving Thor to look to Asgard for answers about the Destroyer's attack on him.

While in that fabled land, Odin watches over his son and surmises that the soul that existed within the Destroyer was removed from its body rendering it inert. This proves to be true, as in the land of the Norns, Karnilla has restored Sif's soul back to her body in order to get Balder to agree to battle Ulik on her behalf. With Balder's wishes complied with, the brave warrior engages in a battle against the strongest of the Rock Trolls.

As Balder's battle against Ulik rages on, Thor is suddenly transported to Asgard from Earth, leaving the New York police to deal with the Destroyer armor. Thor finds himself transported into Karnilla's castle where she begs Thor to help Balder in his fight against Ulik. Thor gladly steps in to battle his hated foe in Balder's stead and the two are locked in a furious battle.

While back on Earth, the police have managed to bring the Destroyer armor to the local precinct where they try and decide what to do with it. Odin arrives shortly after in a mortal guise, and tricks the police into thinking that he is a curator from a local museum come to examine the device. However, when the police get a call advising them that the man from the museum is running late, they rush into the room too late and find that Odin had disappeared with the Destroyer armor.

Back in Asgard, the battle between Thor and Ulik rages on. Forgotten in the din of battle, Loki watches close by hoping to seize an opportunity to defeat Thor once and for all. Although Ulik fights with savage fury, it's Thor's superior battle prowess that wins the day with Thor knocking Ulik into the Abyss of Shadows where the Thunder God hopes the Rock Troll will never return.

As the others celebrate Thor's victory, it's only when Sif embraces Thor that the Thunder God realizes that his hammer has been stolen from his belt. Horrified, Thor recognizes that Loki is the only person not present and accounted for in the battle's aftermath and his arch-nemesis has his most prized weapon.

This story is continued next issue...

Appearing in "While the City Shrieks"

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Synopsis for "While the City Shrieks"

Triton arrives at a pier in New York as two men are reading about him in the paper. Turning to see the great amphibian, the men panic and flee. Triton follows them, and finds himself in the middle of a busy street where the traffic frightens him. He uses his strength to spin one of the cars, causing an accident, knocking a light post which shoots fire and sparks around Triton. He tries to hide, but all the doors around him are locked. Policemen finally arrive and fire on the Inhuman. Sensing water beneath him, Triton tears a hole in the street, and escapes back to the ocean by the sewer.

Making his way back to Attilan, the Inhumans' island home, Triton tells their ruler Black Bolt that if they are found by humans they will be destroyed, so Black Bolt makes the decision that their city must be moved to a safer place.


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