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Quote1.png Loki -- in possession of Enchanted Mjolnir? Then the danger is greater than e'er before! Quote2.png

Appearing in "But Dr. Blake Can Die!"

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Synopsis for "But Dr. Blake Can Die!"

Continued from last issue...

During his battle against Ulik, Thor was distracted enough in battle to allow Loki to steal his enchanted hammer. With only sixty seconds to spare before he transforms back into Donald Blake, Thor begs Karnilla to transport him to Loki so that he may reclaim his hammer. Karnilla, in debt to Thor for saving her kingdom from Ulik complies but also sends Sif with Thor as he begins to transform back into Donald Blake.

As Thor and Sif are transported to Earth, we find that Loki has transported there as well and assumed a mortal guise. When a police officer notices his sudden appearance, the officer finds Loki's presence suspicious. While being interrogated, Loki hands over Thor's hammer to the police officer, who is unable to carry it. Loki mocks the officer by being able to pick it up. Both however are shocked when the hammer (now officially out of Thor's grasp for 60 seconds) suddenly changes into a walking stick. When the fed up police officer leaves, Loki realizes what the transformation means, and suddenly detects the arrival of Thor and Sif.

Looking around the corner, he sees that Thor has once more transformed into his mortal guise of Donald Blake, and himself returns to his godly form to confront and kill his hated foe. When Loki approaches Blake, Sif steps in the way to defend her love. After a brief struggle, Loki tosses Sif into Donald Blake, and then fires a mystical blast at the two lovers. Sif takes the brunt of the blast and is knocked unconscious. Furious, Blake gets up and manages to swing his coat around his walking stick and wrest it from Loki's grasp, and before the God of Mischief can do anything, transforms himself back into Thor.

Thor quickly engages his long time enemy and easily overpowers Loki, tying the Mischief God up with a parking sign. Hearing Sif's call for help, Thor goes to her side and finds that she is seriously injured. He sends an arriving police officer to get an ambulance and while he is alone, Thor transforms back into Donald Blake, prepared to perform the necessary medical attention to save Sif's life.

While back in Asgard, Balder concedes that he cannot harm a woman even one as evil as Karnilla. Karnilla in turn continues to express her love for Balder and thanks him for his part in defeating Ulik, whom Thor had sent into the Abyss of Darkness. However, unknown to the two of them, Ulik manages to stop himself from falling deeper into the pit by grabbing an outcropping and manages to pull himself into a cavern full of mystically glowing rocks.

Back on Earth, as Donald Blake performs an emergency surgery on Sif, Loki searches fruitlessly for his mortal foe. Spying the police officer who was on the scene of their battle, Loki plucks a memory from the officer's mind and learns the location of Thor and travels there to confront his enemy once more, hoping to capitalize on the fact that Thor must remain in his Donald Blake form if he is to save Sif's life.

When Loki attacks the operating room, Blake manages to create enough of a distraction to allow the other medical staff to escape the operating room and then transforms back into Thor. Thor and Loki's battle takes them outside of the hospital where Thor manages to gain the upper hand with his superior strength. Loki however manages to turn the tide by using his mystical powers to try and freeze Thor solid with incredible cold. Watching the battle from Asgard, Odin is very grim due to an impending doom that will threaten all of Asgard. Not wishing the two half-brothers to battle each other any longer, Odin demands that both stop fighting.

With no choice but to comply, Thor and Loki cease their battle, and Thor is forced to let Loki escape so that they can prepare for the coming battle. Thor vows to help protect Asgard from any evil that may threaten it and flies off to answer Odin's summons.


  • The Thor story has been reprinted in Essential Thor 3
  • This is the first issue to feature a full length Thor story.
  • In this issue Thor is depicted as still being cursed to transform back into Donald Blake when away from his hammer longer than 60 seconds even when in Asgard. This contradicts a previous issue where Thor was separated from his hammer in Asgard for an extended period which yielded no such transformation.

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