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Quote1.png Evil One, what profiteth a man to keep his throne -- if he shall lose -- a universe? Quote2.png

Appearing in "Now Ends the Universe"

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Synopsis for "Now Ends the Universe"

Continued from last issue...

Disturbed that he has not heard from Odin since his warning of impending Ragnarok, Thor continues to soar above New York City. Deciding that he has waited for word long enough, the Thunder God decides to return to Asgard. He first returns to the hospital where Sif has been recovering from injuries sustained battling Loki, and finding his lover in good health the two transport themselves back to Asgard.

While at the fortress of Karnilla, Balder continues to refuse her advances and to punish him she reanimates frozen forms of previously spurned lovers who then attack the warrior. While out in deep space the alien Regellians detect strange pulsations that could mean the end of the universe, and check in with their Recorder which continues to monitor Ego the living planet. The Recorder reports back that all is normal in the Black Galaxy and that the danger must be coming from someplace else.

While back in Asgard, the Warriors Three pass the time by engaging in a bar brawl until they are stopped by Loki. Loki advises them that he has taken over rule of Asgard while Odin is in the Odinsleep and orders them to face the threat of Mangog. Although the trio dislike their temporary ruler, they agree to go into battle against the menace that might mean the destruction of Asgard and the universe.

Convinced that he has sent the Warriors Three to their doom, Loki returns to his throne where he is surprised to find that Thor and Sif have returned from Earth. Thor is furious to find Loki in control, however is powerless as Loki was the first of royal lineage to sit upon Odin's throne after Odin entered the Odinsleep and is rightfully at rule of the kingdom. Thor tries to appeal to Loki that his rule will be useless if Mangog succeeds in bringing about Ragnarok and asks the Trickster God to help fight off the threat of Mangog. Loki refuses to aid, telling Thor that battling the threat is his own task to worry about.

Elsewhere in the realm, Mangog continues his travels toward the city of Asgard to get his revenge. Along the way he is confronted by a group of Storm Giants, whom he easily knocks aside despite their superior size. Mangog continues his trek, smashing through all defenses, barriers and warriors that stand in his way. Nothing the combined Asgardian forces throw at the creature seem to be able to stop it from its path to the palace where Odin continues his slumber. The warriors attempt to fell Mangog with a Force Arrow, but this too fails to stop the seemingly unstoppable demon who tells all present that he intends to unsheath the Odinsword itself and bring about Ragnarok.

Witnessing the battle from the palace, Thor decides that he cannot wait any longer and must fight Mangog, alone if he has to. As Loki cowers at the prospect, Thor bids farewell to his slumbering father, promising to defend the kingdom the best he can before going off toward the battle field. Finding the ruins of another army that failed to stop Mangog, Thor eventually tracks the creature down and finds the Warriors Three nearby trapped in a stone prison following an unsuccessful attack on Mangog.

Thor goes off to face the creature alone, however once Mangog spots the Thunder God, it grabs him and Thor realizes to his mounting horror that he has underestimated Mangog's strength.

This story is continued next issue...


  • Reprinted in Essential Thor 3, Marvel Treasury Edition 10, Marvel Visionaries TPB (HC): Jack Kirby 2


  • Once a year, Odin must perform the Odin-Sleep, in which he must sleep undisturbed for a day to restore his powers.

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