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Quote1.png None but Thor remain to stop thee... and stop thee I shall... or I be not Son of Odin! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Behind Him...Ragnarok!"

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Synopsis for "Behind Him...Ragnarok!"

Continued from last issue....

Thor resumes his fight against Mangog, and is shocked when the creature is able to force back the Thunder God's thrown hammer. The resulting impact causes enough destruction to cover Mangog's escape from Thor and the Warriors Three. While in the castle of Karnilla the Norn Queen, Balder continues to fight the reanimated warriors enslaved by the Norn Queen. Karnilla offers Balder one more time to profess his love to her or face death, to which Balder once more refuses. To Karnilla's shock Balder's show of bravery shatters the control she has over the other warriors who refuse to fight him any further. Furious at this betrayal, Karnilla complies with Balder's request to free them and teleports them away and begins brooding in her loneliness.

Balder and the other warriors find themselves teleported back to Asgard, where they rally together to help defend the realm from the oncoming attack of Mangog. Mangog, meanwhile, is continuing his travels to Asgard with Thor and the Warriors Three not too far behind. As Mangog reaches the outskirts of the kingdom, the monster finds opposition from an entire army of Asgardian warriors led by Balder himself.

Although they have large numbers, this army is no match for Mangog, but they are soon joined by Thor who jumps into the fray. However, Thor is injured in his initial attack and is rescued by the timely intervention of Balder, who pulls Thor to safety as the warriors attempt to use various weapons against Mangog. As the creature fights through the defenses, Thor and Balder race to the Odinsword to be the last line of defense should the army fail to stop Mangog.

Inside the palace, Loki is kept up to date on the efforts to stop Mangog. Loki's self preservation gets the better of him and decides it's best to flee. Spotted by Thor, he is denounced as a coward, Thor tells Loki that he'd rather die fighting than flee like a lowly snake. Thor and Balder then join Sif and the Recorder in the room where the gigantic Odinsword is kept and await the arrival of Mangog.

Sure enough, Mangog bursts through the walls, the final tatters of the opposing army being brushed aside. Mangog manages to fight off Thor, Balder and Sif. As Mangog begins to pull out the Odinsword from its scabbard, the Recorder theorizes that the only power capable to stop Mangog would be the combined power of Thor and Odin, suggesting that they wake Odin from his slumber. This proves both accurate and necessary as Odin has awaken from his slumber on his own and uses his magical might against the creature.

Odin explains that Mangog was not the last of his race, but a gestalt of his entire people, made that way as punishment for defying Odin. Ending the people's sentence, Odin uses his power to restore the people that comprised of Mangog and returns them to their land hoping that they will learn to live in peace.

With the battle over and the warriors all recovering, Odin rights the Odinsword and is hailed for his victory over Mangog.

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