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Quote1 Observation! I am a non-cellular humanoid... created to think and record! I require no sleep... I never hunger... and am completely without emotion! Quote2
Recorder 211

Appearing in "And Now...Galactus!"

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Synopsis for "And Now...Galactus!"

Thor notices something landing from space on a nearby rooftop and decides to go and investigate. He finds that it is a Rigellian ship piloted by Tana Nile, who has come seeking out the Thunder God for help to stop a powerful force that threatens many galaxies in the universe. Thor agrees to join Tana and the two depart for the stars at once.

While in far off Asgard, Odin has an audience with the Recorder, whom he allows to remain in Asgard as a friend of Thor. Sif then enters the room and asks Odin to allow her to join Thor; she becomes even more insistent when the Recorder receives word on Thor's mission in space and departs to record it for his Rigellian masters. Odin declines Sif's request and the Recorder departs to document the events for its controllers. Sif screams after the robot asking it to tell her what danger Thor is to face, the Recorder doesn't tell the goddess as not to distress her, but even the robot grimly considers the fact that Thor is going off to face the greatest power in the universe: Galactus.

While elsewhere in space, Tana Nile explains to Thor that they are going into space to stop Galactus when their ship is attacked and boarded by an alien creature. Tana explains that the alien is a Taurian, a surviving member of a race totally decimated when Galactus ate their world. They manage to fight the creature into submission, when its rage subsides it apologizes for its actions having been totally distraught after its world was destroyed. Resuming their travels, Tana takes Thor to a location where Galactus has previously fed, an area full of space debris created from the destruction of a planet at the hands of Galactus. Horrified by the sight, Thor vows to stop Galactus.

Meanwhile, Galactus continues his travels through space, the world devourer pauses when he detects the thoughts of a powerful creature and decides to seek out its source as his hunger is mounting once more. Taking a smaller craft, Galactus flies into the Black Galaxy and finds himself before Ego the Living Planet.

While aboard the Rigellian flagship, Thor meets with the Rigellian commander and the Recorder to determine their plan of attack against Galactus. With their course set, Thor and the Recorder travel off in a ship to confront Galactus himself. The Recorder detects that Galactus is within the Black Galaxy and the two speed off to meet their foe there. They are spied by a group called the Wanderers, a group of aliens that have survived the destruction of their worlds at the hands of Galactus and seek revenge against the world destroyer and they decide to follow after Thor and the Recorder.

Finally, back in the Black Galaxy, Galactus and Ego boast about their mutual power and Galactus demands to consume Ego's energies. Ego tries to stop this by unleashing a furious blast at Galactus, the force of which reaches Thor and the Recorder's ship destroying it and seemingly killing its passengers.

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