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Appearing in "Shall a God Prevail?"

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Synopsis for "Shall a God Prevail?"

Thor and the Recorder have been left drifting in space when their space ship is destroyed after being struck by the backlash of a battle between Ego the Living Planet and Galactus. The two are rescued from space by the Wanderers, a group of aliens who are the lone survivors of a world consumed by Galactus who have followed the Thunder God to seek out the world devourers destruction.

Deep in the Black Galaxy, Ego and Galactus' battle rages on, the two appear evenly matched however in spite of their overwhelming cosmic powers. While aboard the Wanderer's ship, Thor and the Recorder revive and learn of their saviors mission. Both the Recorder and Thor are against the idea of the Wanderers attacking Galactus directly, as they will surely meet their end, as such Thor offers to fight Galactus on their behalf. Suddenly, their ship flies into a debris field created in the wake of the battle between Ego and Galactus.

Their ship arrives just as Galactus has managed to turn the tide of battle against Ego, prompting Thor to immediately jump into action, in spite of the Recorders fear of Thor's destruction. Thor toss his hammer at Galactus, and upon impact causes the world eater to pause because it has actually caused him pain. Thor then goes in for a full frontal attack, however Galactus has erected a force field around himself making Thor's blows ineffectual. Galactus then grabs the Thunder God and tosses him at Ego's surface where he finds that the Living Planet had brought the Wanderers and the Recorder to it's surface as well.

Working together, the group constructs a stand that houses Thor's hammer and Thor uses it to fire a beam at Galactus. The force of the beam causes Galactus great pain and threatens to destroy him. Not wanting to be destroyed, Galactus decides it's best that he depart and flees the Black Galaxy in defeat.

The Wanderers rejoice at Thor's victory over Galactus, and then much to their surprise Ego invites them to live on his surface, adjusting his form so that the Wanderers can live on grounds that are fertile and allow them to sustain a way of life. Ego appears in a humanoid simulacrum to tell them that they are welcome to live on his surface for the rest of their lives.


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